Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SNV's experiences with e-learning

Again I'm reblogging a post from the ICCO blog. Its written by Gerrit Visser from ICCO, who visited SNV in the Hague to learn from their interactive (online) learning spaces for SNV staff, e-learning.

Some of their lessons:
  • Take into account that one of the biggest bottlenecks can be the diversity in bandwidth at decentralised locations. Even after investing in the availability of satellites this problem occurred.
  • Start small and let it grow as you may gradually learn from evaluations or glorious mistakes.
  • Provide learning modules on a USB stick instead of downloading huge files in the various decentralised situations.
  • Keep the technology for the learner as simple as possible
  • Enhance the learning results by making optimal use of the visual as well as the auditive learning components.

SNV found that the advantage of the e-modules are the consistent messages in the initial phase of ones career within the organisation. A last tip:

  • A big variety of off the shelf training may be obtained from NetG, Microsoft and the Distance Learning Centre (UK). A provider in the Netherlands of video material for training purposes is the Training Facily Center (TFC).