Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A collection of stories about e-collaboration experiences

The booklet is ready!

In the past months we collected stories of organisations using e-collaboration in some way, varying from using Moodle as an online learning platform to Teamspeak as a software tool for having an online meeting with partners located all over the globe. Most of these stories can be found on this Blog with the same name as the booklet 'I-collaborate, e-collaborate, we-collaborate'. But we also found it useful to have the stories in hard-copy.

We hope to inspire you with these experiences, stimulating you to take this first step, using your work as a laboratory for experimenting. Or see whether you can make your colleagues, partners in the south, or other people around you enthusiastic for more collaboration at a distance. You can find the pdf of the booklet by following this link:

When you are interested in receiving a hardcopy, please let me know by sending an email to:


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