Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surveymonkey helps Agri-ProFocus to organise meetings

At the Agri-ProFocus support office, we organise exchange meetings between professionals from research, private sector, NGO and government. Registration and feedback are very time-consuming and prone to errors, so this year we started to use SurveyMonkey, an online survey tool. We tried out the free version and then bought a Professional Annual Account for $ 180 a year. This allows for our logo, and the other 10 advantages you can read on their website.

Our experience with SurveyMonkey has taught us the following lessons:
1. we need to test a new invitation in our team;
2. we have to check people who misspell their email address;
3. we should allow for more than one response per computer;
4. after completion we direct to a website or a wiki for background information.
5. manual data entry is used for the odd participant who cannot enter the registration screen.

In our events too, one problem is with no-shows, especially if there is limited room available. We do politely ask people to cancel their registration by e-mail. Our events are free, we don’t think that an entrance fee would reduce the no-show problem.

One of the advantages of using surveymonkey for our registrations is that we can ask some additional questions about interests for certain topics etc. Surveymonkey registration allows us to ask for their priorities beforehand and their feedback and follow-up afterwards. This way we can link the learning with the doing. Network events then contribute to more and better cooperation in Agri-ProFocus.



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